Head-to-Toe Black

Winter in New York City is here full swing.  I am not talking about any of that crazy polar vortex stuff that happened last week but good old fashion 30 degree weather.

On Tuesday when I was walking out the door before the sun even rose,  I stopped locking the door to my apartment.  I had picked out an outfit that was comfortable, fashionable, and business casual for my day trip to Philadelphia.  What I did not realize was that I was wearing black flats, black tights, a black dress, and a black coat.  I was perfectly content with this outfit because black is my favorite color but I thought I might freak out my clients, so I through on a cobalt blue sweater.  Honestly though, I was fine in head to toe black.

I really do not think black is a gothic color or a real void, black can be used to make statements.  Wearing head to toe black says something about yourself.  If you can wear this color and still look effortlessly chic, the more power to you.  I have to tell you, Blair from Atlantic Pacific has absolutely nailed this look:

Blair is not the only one who kills it in head-to-toe black.  Here are some of my other favorites: 
Stephanie All Black in Hong Kong /  Anna James Black Out/ Krystal Black on Black / Chiara All Black Everything

After seeing these nine chic women,
 you can never say head-to-toe black is unfashionable again! 


  1. Nicole Franson says

    All those women and their outfits are gorgeous! Makes me want to dye my hair all those different colors, too. They all look good with black outfits! I’m totally wearing head to toe black, too. When I got to work though, I have to change in to runners instead of my black boots (wah!) and I switched it up bu wearing a water color patterned scarf!

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