Warthog Eaten Alive by Lions

An extremely graphic title, right?  Some people have post titles that are completely unrelated to their content – believe it or not, this is NOT one of those. This is not a trick. Many of you were unbelievably kind in your comments on my new blog layout last week and am so glad so many people like it! One of the new features of my blog is the Bucket List which I highly encourage you to check out, or even make your own.  One of the most exciting things I have had the opportunity to do, in my opinion is go on safari.  Now let me explain the title of this post:

A week into safari in the plains of Africa I had seen elephants, giraffes, antelopes, hyenas, rhinos, gazelles, buffalo, and zebra but perhaps the most interesting type of animal to see were the “cats”.  While not quite in this family, lions were my absolute favorite.  As a typical tourist on safari we would leave our lodge to go on two game drives a day, just after sunrise and just before sunset when the animals would go to the watering holes.  On one of these sunset drives in the Okavango Delta in Botswana (see the map to the right for exactly where that is) we spotted four lions, two mothers and two cubs, wandering around looking for prey.  After following them in our open air jeep for a quarter of an arrow we were about to turn around and go back to the lodge as it was getting dark when the two lionesses sprinted off into the bushes.  My family was unsure why the driver was so excited but we went “off road” to follow them (note: off road in Africa simply means driving across bushes and other small shrubs instead of staying on the general flat surfaces).

When we rounded the large bushes we found all four lions around a very helpless warthog.  By the title you must guess what came next.  Check out the video I captured below which over half a million people have watched to date: 


Thoughts? Questions? Comments? 


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    I would love to go on a safari! Your title did catch my attention, it was right to the point and it’s awesome how you caught it on video!


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    Your title really did catch my attention! Even though that was pretty violent, you’re lucky that you got to see animals up close and just be immersed in the natural environment :)

    -Monica @ lemonpetit

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