NYC Wine & Food Festival and a Giveaway

New York City Wine and Food Festival 2014 with Alyssa
Last week I attended the Food Network’s New York City Wine and Food Festival on a pier overlooking the Hudson River and had a wonderful evening.  The NYCWFF has dozens of events throughout the long weekend to benefit Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry® campaign and Food Bank For New York City. On Thursday night I was lucky enough to attended the Ronzoni’s La Sagra Slices as JCPenney’s guest and during the evening of Italian cuisine I ate more pizza and meatballs then anyone ever should in the three hours – it was divine! 

NYCWFF with JcPenenyNYCWFF 11NYCWFF 18NYCWFF 16NYCWFF 06NYCWFF 03NYCWFF 09NYCWFF 13NYCWFF 05NYCWFF - Union Square Cafe Granola CannoliNYCWFF Emily's PizzaNYCWFF 08
JCPenney graciously invited me to be their guest to this annual event and it was great to make their comfortable and beautifully decorated lounge my home base for the evening.  The lounge was decked out with stylish JCPenney furniture, latest home décor, and kitchenware complemented by festive Halloween decoration and I had a blast playing with all of the props.

I felt like a princess having a couch with my name on it the whole evening!  Fun Fact – there is actually a JCPenney in NYC in Herald Square but everything in the lounge can be found online, including the WoodWick® Mosaic Jar Sugar Melon Candle in Sugar Melon.  I really enjoyed having my fortune read from the chocolate reader and my portrait made by a master Chinese paper cutter:

NYCWFF JcPenney LoungeNYCWFF with JcPeneny CandleNYCWFF with JcPeneny - Chocolate ReaderNYCWFF with JcPeneny - Halloween
NYCWFF with JcPeneny and Mr Cheng

How cute was the lounge?  I did spend most of the evening exploring with Alyssa from The Runway Chef, and delighting in the pizza, meatballs, and granola cannoli, which were unbelievably delicious.  As most of you could not be at the New York City Wine and Food Festival, JCPenney is graciously giving one of my readers a Presto® Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven so you can experience some of the same tasty eats at home.  Please enter below:  

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Good luck! 

I Prefer Trains Over Planes

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I prefer trains over planes and especially over buses.  I started writing this post in May (yes it has been a draft for that long) but after my experience on that Friday night – a 3.5 hour delay – I almost scrapped the whole thing. Then I remembered my colleague who headed to the airport only to have her flight canceled once she got there and she had head home only to go back the next day to a different airport and get on the same plane. I decided not to hit delete.

 A few months later, I am back to being fully in love with trains.  Here are a few Amtrak Instagrams form the past two years – I would have many more except I use the Amtrak app whenever possible! 

Traveling By Train 

Trains and I are great friends and for trips to Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. it is by far the best way to travel.  Here are just a few things I love about the train: 

               + Stations are more centrally located in the heart of the city

               + Easy to arrive 15 minutes before departure with no problem

               + Quiet car

               + Free Internet

               + No hidden fees 

               + No traffic or abrupt starting and stopping 

               + No security lines or baggage limitations 

               + Ability to move around 

Granted, I know trains are not ideal for all trips, especially journeys over 300 miles ,and there are occasional problems, delays and such, but trains and I are having a love affair and I do not expect it to end soon! 

What is your preferred method of travel? 

Tulle Skirts as an Adult

Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City Opening Scene Tulle Skirt

Eighteen years ago Carrie Bradshaw graced our television screens wearing a pink tulle skirts in the opening credits of the Sex and the City pilot and showed you can fashionable wear tulle as an adult. When the infamous skirt made a reappearance in the 2008 SATC movie I was reminded of how much I loved it on her but why does it seem like in the last year tulle skirts have exploded onto the fashion scene? I am still on the fence – one of those things I look great on other people but I still have a bad memory of my First Communion dress with that scratchy, itchy tulle.  

My model bestie (I wish) Christy Teigen got married in a over the top tulle gown in Lake Como, Italy last fall and I have noticed many of my favorite fashion bloggers, including my Style Icons Wendy Nyguen and Blair Eadie, rocking beautiful tulle skirts.  I put together a collection of twenty of my favorites, from tutu to full maxi: 

Wendy Nguyen Black Tulle SkirtNew Years Eve Outfit - Tulle Skirt Street Style - Look NocheviejaCara Loren - Windsor Blue White Tulle Midi SkirtChiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad at Paris Fashion Week Cute and Little - Tulle Skirt [Read more...]

Alcoholic Desserts

When I am out to dinner and I finish my entree I always look forward to dessert.  On a nigh out I gauge how much wine I have left and whether or not there should be another glass with my dessert.  Recently, I have found a solution – alcoholic desserts. I made it through college trying a least a dozen different types of jello shots and a few brands of dessert flavored vodka but now that I am an adult I can officially say that proper alcoholic desserts are the way to go. 

Recently I have tried a delicious rum cake and mango vodka popsicles both of which were decadent. Since then I have been on a search to find other alcoholic desserts and there are so many delicious options!  Here are nine options that look amazing:  

 Alcoholic Desserts - Pink Champagne Cake

Pink Champagne Cake 

 Alcoholic Desserts - Salted Whiskey Caramels  
Salted Whisky Caramels 

Alcoholic Desserts - Frozen Melon-Margarita PopsFrozen Melon-Margarita Pops 

 Alcoholic Desserts - Dirty Girl Scout Cupcakes Dirty Girl Scout Cupcakes 

Alcoholic Desserts - Cake Vodka Milkshake

 Cake Vodka Milkshake 

Alcoholic Desserts - Nutella Booze Balls

 Nutella Booze Balls

[Read more...]

Style Icon: Rosie Thomas

After my post about the stunning David Beckham I want to share another of my favorite brits with you today!  My latest Style Icon is the beautiful Brit, Rosie of The Londoner and this girl has style for days!  After a supermodel and three actresses I figured it was about time for my next style icon to be a blogger.  Rose Thomas has been blogging since April 2011 with a great mix of life, style, travel, and recipes and I have been following along for the last year. 

Her blog posts chronicling her exotic travels – from day trips to Paris to weeklong stays in the Middle East – brings “photo dump” to a whole new level and I love it.   However, my favorite part of her blog is her beautiful outfit posts.  Her “chap” takes her photos and I love her style: 

Rose Thomas - The Londoner - A Stolen FedoraA Stolen Fedora 

Rose Thomas - The Londoner -  Leather and LaceLeather, Lace and Nachos  

Rose Thomas - The Londoner - Butter by NadiaButter by Nadia Rose Thomas - The Londoner - Coffee Pancake BreakCoffee Pancake Break   [Read more...]