My Favorite Sister Duos

Why do I feel that every corner I turn there is another pair of super fashionable sisters?  Sure I follow all of the Kardashians on Instagram (and by the numbers who doesn’t) but there are pairs of sisters that I actually admire.  Perhaps it is because I do not have a sister and have always wanted one  but are handful of sister duos where I would love the be the third girl:  

Cara Delevingne and Poppy Delevingne attend Harvey Weinstein's pre-BAFTA dinner, in partnership with Burberry and Grey Goose, at Little House Mayfair

Cara and Poppy Delevingne          Beautiful, blonde models and socialites?  Sure, there are a handful of pairs but these British sisters are catapulting to the top of the fashion world. Cara, with her big, bold brows, has recently been the face of some of the biggest names in the industry including Burberry, then Chanel, then DNKY, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton. I hated her hair in the most recent DKNY campaign but the girl has game, plus her inner circle is other top models.  Her older sister, Poppy, is also represented by Storm Model Management and has walked numerous runways for Burberry and Marc Jacobs, as well as servicing a Chanel brand ambassador. They have many, many years to go as Cara is only 22 and Poppy, 28.


Zooey and Emily Deschanel          These two actresses may not look much alike but they are both very talented. One of the first shows I ever binge watched on Netflix was Bones and feel in love with the the quirky Doctor Temperance Brennan.  Emily Deschanel plays the role beautifully and others must agree with me because the show has been on for ten years.  And I am pretty sure my entire generation loves little sister Zooey Deschanel in New Girl, but I have loved her since she stared in Elf 12 years ago (HOW was that 12 years ago?). 

Famous Sisters -  Dani Song and Aimee Song of Song of Style

Aimee and Dani Song           Aimee is one of my favorite bloggers and I featured her on my blog in November 2013 as one of my style icons,  and I think this interior designer’s style has only gotten better.  I love following her on Snapchat and the combination of food images, L.A. scenery, and fashion shots are amazing. Her sister, Dani, has legs for days and is a great compliment to her sister. Both girls are based in Los Angeles. I love the projects they are working on together like this Revolve clothing campaign. 

Famous Sisters - Kate and Rooney Mara

Rooney and Kate Mara          Another set of actresses on the up-and up I love how both girls bring seriousness and drama to very intense roles. Rooney Mara was scary, scary-good  in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I am excited for her next role.  Kate followed in her little sister’s footsteps, and has held a variety of roles on the big screen but House of Cards has definitely been her crowning moment thus far in her career.  

Famous Sisters - Venus and Serena Williams

Venus and Serena Williams          Strong, forceful, and incredibly powerful I grew up watching both of these superstar tennis players.  In a period of eight years, between 2001 US Open and the 2009 Wimbledon, they met in eight Grand Slam singles finals and these sisters are always congratulatory and genuinely happy for which ever girl wins. Sure, Serena Williams has come out ahead with 19 Grand Slam wins but Venus’ seven wins are not too shabby either. 

Famous Sisters - Pippa and Kate Middleton

Kate and Pippa Middleton          Perhaps the most famous pair on this list and neither sister really needs an introduction.   I featured Kate as my first style icon and I can not wait for Royal Baby #2.  I will also have to control my excitement when Pippa finally locks down a lucky man – can you imagine what her wedding dress is going to look like?  Buttons anyone? 

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These six pairs of sisters are some of my favorites. I should not that there are a handful of famous girls that are purposely not on my list – Kardashian, Olsen, Knowles, Hiltons, Simpsons, and Fannings. Do you have a favorite from the list above? 

A Serious Case of Wanderlust

A Serious Case of Wanderlust Levanzo Island in Sicily, Italy

Levanzo Island, Sicily, Italy 

I am so sick of being cold. My coworker pulled up the weather on her phone and joked that we were having a heatwave – it was 23 degrees. If that wasn’t bad enough, twice in the past two weeks the pipes have burst in my building and when the temperature is in the single digits not have hot water is just really awful. I try not to complain too much on Sparkles and Shoes but 48 hours without hot water is just really dreadful. This latest development spurred my wanderlust if it wasn’t bad enough already.  Between Pinterest and travel blogs I have a handful of destinations I would love to jump on a plane and head to right now.  These are my top eight right now: 

A Serious Case of Wanderlust Viceroy Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

Viceroy Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

A Serious Case of Wanderlust Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

A Serious Case of Wanderlust Castello Di Velona in Montalcino, Italy

Castello Di Velona, Montalcino, Italy

Thailand, Krabi province, Ko Phi Phi, Phi Phi Le, Ao Maya, traditional pirogue

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

A Serious Case of Wanderlust Song Saa Island, Cambodia

Song Saa Island, Cambodia

A Serious Case of Wanderlust Schwerin_Castle_Aerial_View_Island_Luftbild_Schweriner_Schloss_Insel_See

Schwerin Castle, Germany

A Serious Case of Wanderlust Ageeba-Beach-Egypt

 Ageeba Beach, Egypt

Which of these stunning destinations would top your list? 

Monogrammed Leather Gloves

Today’s post starts with a funny story – at a recent company meeting one of my coworkers came up and introduced herself, after a simple exchange of names she asked me if I was from the South. I said no, I grew up in the suburbs of New York City and have never lived South of D.C., furthermore no one has ever thought I am from the South.  I asked my bubbly coworker why she had asked. Well, apparently one day she saw me scroll through my Pandora picking a different song on my country station (which I am sure included a few of these songs) and I was wearing my favorite gold monogram necklace, so she assumed I was fun the South – too funny!  While I have become a fan of country music and love a good monogram, I am not quite a country girl.

A few days later I mentioned that I had a blog and I sent her a few posts, including the one about my necklace and this one about monograms. From that post she loved the leather gloves and launched into a story about how in this never ending winter hers are not well lined enough, trust me, I feel the pain! With that in mind I went on a search for well insulated monogrammed leather gloves: 

Mark and Graham - Women's Italian Leather Classic Gloves, Jewel-Toned

Women’s Italian Leather Classic Gloves, Jewel-Toned  $120

Monogrammed Leather Gloves from Bins Creations on Etsy

Monogram Women’s Leather Gloves $48 

Mark and Graham - Women's Italian Leather Opera Gloves Bright-Toned Women’s Italian Leather Opera Gloves in Bright-Tones  $199

And of all of the monogrammed leather gloves I found, and granted, there were far less than I thought there would be, these Mark and Graham gloves are my favorite: 

Mark and Graham - Women's Classic Leather Gloves, Bright-Toned

Women’s Classic Leather Gloves, Bright-Toned  $120 

The idea of monogrammed gloves is just so effortless and glassy.  I hesitated on publishing this post because I could not find any gloves that exactly fit my co-workers ask, chic monogrammed gloves that are very warm but not bulky. However, the gloves above are super cute and worthy of a post .  To be honest even I have not found a pair of chic gloves that work for 5 degree weather that feels like negative ten degrees with the wind chill, I have been wearing these Men’s Smartouch Nylon Gloves.  But back to monogrammed leather gloves, I absolutely love these long gloves from the 1930′s that are currently in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Collection Online - 1930's Leather Monogrammed Gloves

And while these are no where near gloves I came across these Monogrammed Full Zip Fleece Jackets in my research and they were too cute not to share!  (You can find them all here)

Monogrammed Full Zip Fleece Jacket


Yay for monograms! 

My Apartment Tour

P&G Unstopables Scent Décor - Apartment Tour -  Febree Unstopables

Welcome to my second apartment decor post! When I moved into my studio apartment over the summer I posted a handful of early photos and last month a few more as part of my gallery wall update but now is a long overdue full apartment tour.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago on Instagram I am working with Proctor and Gamble this month and I thought my partnership with P&G Unstopables product line would be a great chance to show you more of my apartment. 

The tag line of their campaign is “smell the lifestyle you deserve” and they have products in every category; air, home, and fabric.  The Collection consists of a fabric refresher, air refresher, scented oil warmer, candle and in-wash scent booster beads with three distinct scents; fresh, lush, and shimmer.  They sent me the whole collection, each product, in each scent and I incorporated my favorites into the style of my apartment. 

P&G Unstopables Scent Décor - Apartment Tour -  Living Room

When you walk into my studio this is the main room (also known as the only room).  You usually can find Scandal on the TV and me utilizing every bit of storage I have.  As far as the art goes, I have posted about the New York triptych, my DIY wine cork K, and my gallery wall on the blog already. 

P&G Unstopables Scent Décor - Apartment Tour -  Book Shelves

At the end of my bed I have a ladder shelf that leans against the wall displaying a handful of my pumps and booties.  I also utilize the light wood built-in that came with my apartment to store my bags, books, odds + ends, and family photographs.  After trying all three of the Unstopables scents I found I preferred the ‘fresh’ scented spray, a light and vibrant scent for a fabric refresher. 

P&G Unstopables Scent Décor - Apartment Tour -  Small Bathroom

My love need of storage extends to my very small bathroom.  The shelf is the Sauder Caraway Etagere Bath Cabinet from Amazon that my Dad and I put together the weekend I moved in. The shimmer scent was my favorite air refresher of the three – with a a fun, floral notes it is perfect for a small space like the bathroom. 

P&G Unstopables Scent Décor - Apartment Tour -  Side Table

I do not have a desk in my apartment, rather I work from from the couch and use this side table for all of the items that would be on my desk.  The drawer below is filled with a note book to jot down ideas, the cord for my DSLR, and post-its, because you can never have too many post-its. 

P&G Unstopables Scent Décor - Apartment Tour -  Small Corner

This still might be the favorite corner of my apartment, a bench in the corner window, where I sat and watched the snow fall on Saturday as the cabs rushed by my apartment and I sipped on a steaming mug of tea. 

Procter and Gamble Unstopables Scent Decor Collection

Of the three scents I chose the fresh one for the in-wash scent boost and my most recent load of laundry, but did not photograph it as I do not have a washer / dryer in my apartment and you don’t really want to see the local laundromat.  The full P&G Unstopables Scent Décor collection has five items: air refreshers, candles, fabric refreshers, in-wash scent boosters, and pluggable scented oil starter kits.  Along with working with teaming up with a me and a handful of other bloggers the Unstopables team connected with interior designer Nate Berkus (I have mentioned his great pieces in these posts) & Carlos Huber, a fragrance aficionado. 

Of all of the wonderful tips they have shared, my favorite tip was from Nate, “Everyone deserves to live beautifully. By adding small, thoughtful touches you can transform any room into a haven. Simple things like crisp white sheets on the bed, a small vase with flowers, and water on your nightstand, you can make a bedroom feel luxe.”  When you are stuck inside on a snowy day with Netflix to keep you company cute details and great smells really do add to the ambiance! 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.