An Evening with Marilyn

Kelly Lost Photos of Marilyn Monroe VIP New York Launch

Ever since I saw this post in Vanity Fair about the lost photos of Marilyn Monroe I knew I had to see these shots.  It turns out if you ask nicely and mention your blog you actually might get a VIP invite.  Last night I attended the launch party of MARILYN: The Lost Photographs of a Hollywood Star at the SUMO Tribeca Gallery in SoHo.  I loved learning that these twenty candid photos were taken by four men close to Marilyn and are just now coming to light.  In June these photos were in Los Angeles and San Fran and I eagerly awaited for them to get to my city.  

Half of the 20 photos were in the upstairs gallery displayed with white mats in white frames and on white walls while the other half were downstairs brilliantly backdropped with exposed brick.  My photos don’t do the photos justice and if you are really interested, check out the photos direct from the seller, Limited Runs, but here are a few shots just to prove I was there!

Pinks Shots - Lost Photos of Marilyn Monroe VIP New York Launch_edited-1SUMO Gallery - Lost Photos of Marilyn Monroe VIP New York Launch_edited-1Black Scarf - SUMO Gallery - Lost Photos of Marilyn Monroe VIP New York Launch_edited-1   Sparkling Rose - SUMO Gallery -  Lost Photos of Marilyn Monroe VIP New York Launch_edited-1Grand Band Stand - SUMO Gallery -  Lost Photos of Marilyn Monroe VIP New York Launch_edited-1 

My favorite image from the collection? This one taken by Milton H. Greene in 1956: 

Limited Runs - MARILYN MONROE- GREY FUR SESSION 1 Collection  MARILYN- The Lost Photos

I want to say a special thank you to Linda Covello of Covello Photography for taking the first image in the list post, and the last. Without her I definitely would not have photos of me actually at the event, thanks Linda!

Kelly and Marilyn - Lost Photos of Marilyn Monroe VIP New York Launch

I am sure the models and shoulder rubbers had a great time at the after party but 45 minutes was enough for me, I got my Marilyn fill!   And in case you are in NYC and want to see the photographs for yourself the gallery is open to the public until July 26th from 12-7pm at the SUMO Tribeca Gallery located at 37 Walker Street. 

12 High vs Low Finds

I have been a big fan of Polyvore for years and use their brilliant software to make all of my collages. Over the past few months I have also fallen in love with their Editorial staff and the high vs low deals they find.  For fashion they call it Lust / Must and in home decor they call it Real / Deal.  

My favorite part about their high vs. low fashion comps is that they choose different brands for each category, every time.  It is easy to make these collages juxtapositions with the most expensive designers at Bergdorf and then automatically compare them to the $20 version at Forver21 but these look-a-likes are incredibly accurate and varied.  That being said, I do consider many of the price tags on the “must” items at the top of my budget, I do not think they are unobtainable. These are some of my favorite finds: 

Polyvore Collage - Lust vs Must - Gold Caged BootiesPolyvore Collage - Lust vs Must - VNeck Varsity Sweaters Polyvore Collage - Lust vs Must - Turquoise Chandelier Earrings Polyvore Collage - Lust vs Must - Red Messenger BagPolyvore Collage - Lust vs Must - Black and White DOrsay FlatsPolyvore Collage - Lust vs Must - Rockstud Leather Bracelets

And while none of these home decor pieces would fit in my new apartment, nor are they quite my style, I appreciate the deals they have found:  

Polyvore Collage - Real Deal - Curved Red Lounge Chair Polyvore Collage - Real Deal - Acapulco ChairPolyvore Collage - Real Deal - Tripod Lamp Polyvore Collage - Real Deal - Sunflower ClockPolyvore Collage - Real Deal - Rotating Floor LampPolyvore Collage - Real Deal - Gold Baroque Table Lamp

You can find all of these collages on their profile page

Which high vs low is your favorite? 

Blue Baroque

While I was in Cape Cod over the 4th of July I wore this adorable Ivanka Trump dress. I had really wanted to get photos outside but a massive storm prevented that from happening.   Instead we took photos inside my parents house, a good plan B! As it was July 4th my goal was red, white, and blue – blue and white in the dress paired with a red lip and nail:   

 Kelly Ivanka Trump Blue Baroque Print Dress Close Up 

Ivanka Trump Baroque Print Dress / Navy Buttonless Cardigan (similar)
Kate Spade New York La Dee Da Bangle / David Yurman Cable Classics Bracelet with Blue Topaz 

Kelly Ivanka Trump Dress SittingKate Spade and David YurmanKelly Ivanka Trump  Dress  

After a few quick photos we went to an amazing, seafood filled lobster and clam bake, what a way to spend the 4th of July! 

  Ivanka Trump LobsterLobsterKelly - Ivanka Trump -  4th of July


A Boat Cruise on a School Night

Sure I graduated college a few years ago but any evening where I have work the next day will still be labeled as a school night.  In case you did not see on Instagram Thursday I took a little trip to say hi to Lady Liberty.  Every summer the New York City group of alumni from Georgetown get together and take a boat cruise around the New York harbor and it is always a great time.  

Last summer we left from the West Side went down the Hudson river and I had too much fun, I hardly took any photos.  This year we left from the SkyPort Marina on the East Side and I planned ahead and made sure to take photos with my friends, my brother, old classmates, and connected with the company who organized the event to get some of their photos.  Here you have it’NY Hoyas Present “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” Boat Cruise’: 

 Georgetown Summer 2014 Boat Cruise -3497 Kelly and Sam Georgetown Summer 2014 Jazz Georgetown Summer 2014 Boat Cruise -Kevin and Kelly Georgetown Summer 2014 Boat Cruise -3671Georgetown Summer 2014 Boat Cruise -3985 Kelly Rob ScottGeorgetown Boat Cruise - Swim Team Girls Georgetown Summer 2014 Boat Cruise -3872Georgetown Summer 2014 Boat Cruise -3434
All watermarked photos courtesy of Host Committee.  

 I had so much fun and can not wait to go again next year! 

10 Wedding Dresses I Love

I am one of those girls who have planned their wedding since I learned what weddings were. Am I single?  Yes.  Do I have a Pinterest board called WEDDING with 588 pins?  Yes, right here.  Do I already know what I want my wedding dress to look like?  You better believe it.  But just in case my future boyfriend, turned  fiancé finds this post years from now I want to keep it a surprise (no first looks for me), so here are ten wedding dresses I absolutely love.  

They are all different styles, cuts, and colors but each is beautiful in it’s own way.   While I was in awe of many of the recent runway shows like Monique Lhuillier’s Spring 2015 Bridal Collection,  I purposely chose pictures of real women in dresses on their special day- so much prettier and so much more authentic!

 Sparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration - CHRISTIAN_OTH_STUDIO Sparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration - dramatic-wedding-dresses-maggie-sottero Kimberly Salzman and Allen Burd Sparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration 01 Sparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration 02 Sparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration Long Feather TrainSparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration Mermaid Sparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration Long Train
Sparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration Sequin Sparkles and Shoes Wedding Dress Inspiration Low Back  

You can see these wedding dresses and dozens of others, rings, place settings, veils, flower arrangements, and everything else pretty that has to do with that special day on my Wedding Pinterest Board

And if we are really going to talk about weddings for the past two years I have checked the website of Christan Oth Studio on a bi-weekly basis.  He and his team have a magnificent of capturing wedding dresses and the entire magical days so well it feels like I was there.  In my dream world I would love him to capture my special day, but until then, I will be content with pinning my heart away and swooning over these dresses.