Oysters, Sunsets, and Shopping

Thanksgiving yesterday with my family was wonderful!  The food was absolutely delicious and, like previous years, I loaded up on seafood.  Plus it was a great excuse to wear this adorable new dress I picked up for under $30 earlier this week. 

Thanksgiving 2014 Eyelash Lace A-Line Dress 01 Thanksgiving 2014 Eyelash Lace A-Line Dress 02Thanksgiving Dinner Barefoot Beach

I stared off my late afternoon Thanksgiving dinner with a very healthy portion of seafood (seen above) followed by, oh wait, more seafood and then some traditional Thanksgiving items. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Barefoot Beach 01

And what is Thanksgiving without wine? 

Thanksgiving Wine

Plus a gorgeous sunset! 

Thanksgiving 2014 Sunset in Naples Florida 01 Thanksgiving 2014 Sunset in Naples Florida 02Thanksgiving 2014 Sunset in Naples Florida 04

I went Black Friday shopping last night at the outlet malls down here in Florida and found some great things at White House Black Market, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Kate Spade. If you are out today, I wish you all the best!  If not and you decided to do all of your shopping online here is a round up of sales from the stores I love: 

Ann Taylor // 50% off entire purchase 

Alice + Olivia // 25% off sitewide + free shipping

Anthropologie // Black Friday huge sale sitewide

Banana Republic // 40% off sitewide (CODE: BRFORTY) or 50% off 1 full-priced item (CODE: BRFIFTY)

Calvin Klein // 50% off sitewide

Gap // 50% off sitewide (CODE: BLKFRIDAY)

J. Crew // 30% off full-price + additional 40% off sale + free shipping (CODE: HOLIDAY)

Kate Spade Saturday // 30% off sitewide + free shipping (CODE: DEALME)

Old Navy // 50% off site wide

Piperlime // 25% off sitewide (CODE: THANKFUL25)

T & J Designs // 30% off sitewide (CODE: THANKYOU30)

Urban Outfitters // Additional 25% off sale

West Elm // 25% off (CODE: SUPERSALE)

 Happy Shopping! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all those who are celebrating today!  Thanksgiving is always a tricky holiday to write about and it really shouldn’t be. I absolutely hate the social media trend of #blessed but honestly, that is how I feel each and every year when the end of November roles around.  Last year on Thanksgiving I made a list of 27 things I was grateful for and guess what? The list has not changed! 

Georgetown Graduation - Family Photo

My brother will not be able to join the family this year for the second time in three years. The first time, 2012, it was so odd. There only time my younger brother had not been a part of Thanksgiving I was 2 months and 14 months old and thus, I do not remember them. The rest though, I have fond memories. Growing up we went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and came home to dinner of filet – unusual but that was how we did our Thanksgivings (with some cranberry walnut bread, of course). In 2012 Kevin could not join because he was studying abroad in Dublin and while I was really jealous, it just was not the same without him.

This year, he has to stay in NYC to work. To say I am bummed out is an understatement, but I realize it is a petty woe. He is happy, healthy, and has a great job. His company needs him so much that he can not afford to take off a long weekend to come down to Florida. I feel much more for my blogging friends like Samantha whose husband is away serving our country. To all those who are away from home, for whatever reason, I wish you even more good thoughts and good tidings. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my brother, my family, and all of the wonderful things 2014 has brought.

Alright, enough is enough I will stop rambling, soak in a few more rays of sunshine and then head to a very seafood centric Thanksgiving where I will undoubtedly choose oyster and King crab legs over turkey and stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Smoking Slippers with Attutidue

I am in love with smoking slippers. When the weather gets confused like it has the past few days – 55 on Monday and 67 yesterday – tall boots are just not an option. Not only are they too warm on my commute to work, they are also a sure way to overheat in an office where the the heat is on in full-blast End of November style.

I have found that smoking slippers or smoking flats, cute flats usually covered in velvet, are a great option. I love the look of a dress, tights, and smoking flats for the office. My favorite part is that they are a pajama-like option that still looks presentable outdoors.  I have a black pair with a crest on them and a royal blue pair with gold French bulldogs that I got at the C. Wonder sample sale. However, I could always use another pair or two and there are so many cute options for statement smoking flats:

Sparkles and Shoes Smoking Flats and Loafters


Penelope Chilvers Velvet Sugar Skull Dandy /  Dog Crest Novelty / Shooting Star Novelty

Charlotte Olympia Charlotte’s Web / Kate Spade Toast Flats /  Charlotte Olympia ‘Kitty’ Flat 

Prince Albert Green Velvet Snake /  Navy Velvet #JetSetter Embroidery / Red Velvet #BeeHappy Embroidery


Which ones are your favorite?

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is three days away! Holy heck, where has the time gone?  Let’s just stop and realize that it means Thanksgiving is only two days. Pause.  Okay then, Black Friday.  Time to get our shop on, yay! 

Traditionally Black Friday has been one of my favorite days of the year.  While I know it is supposed to be the premiere day of gift buying, but in the past I have turned it into the supreme day of gift shopping. What do I mean?  There is no surer way to get what you want on Christmas morning then by heading to the stores on Black Friday, buying a whole bunch of items you love, and then have your relatives give them to you as presents a month later.  

How do I survive this day of absolutely craziness?  Well, I plan ahead. After a decade of Black Friday’s I have narrowed it down to three things: timing, transportation, and target.  First, timing. What time are you willing to get up? What time do you want to be at the stores? Important decisions. Second, transportation. How are you getting to where you are going? I have not had a car since high school – thanks to going to a university where cars are not allowed and then living in NYC, so in my life if you are taking a car, who’s car and who is coming with you?  Lastly, target. What is the goal? What are you planning on buying and what is your budget?   I have a plan every year but in case you do not or are not sure what kind of Black Friday shopper you are follow this Office Depot OfficeMax photo: 

Black Friday Shopper_Decision Tree

Guess what I am?  The Spontaneous Post -Thanksgiving Dinner Shopper!  Not exactly what I would call myself but I am certainly not a newbie, there is no way in heck I would ever camp out even though in Florida it is a much more palatable idea, and I definitely head out to the stores so spontaneous it is.  I have a general map planned out for Friday but with my family, it is pretty go-with-the-flow and if the line is out the door, SKIP!  In case you are an online shopper, Office Depot’s deal center has some really cute options I might just have to buy for a festive desk all next month.  I mean, why not? It is Office Depot OfficeMax’s lowest prices ever!

And if you have not tried it yourself, the  “Elf Yourself” app is hysterical.  If you have not seen it yet you can pick you and up to four of your friend do a little jig with you. I could not decide which of my friends should be in the video with me so I finally decided on my besties Jen and Bey, take a look here!  

Office Depot - Elf Yourself

What are your plans for Black Friday?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Houndstooth Coats

As it dipped near freezing last week in New York City people are piling on the layers and often look like they are hibernating. (Today is supposed to 68°F though, what? But back down to 40° on Wednesday)  I have a forest green puffer jacket when I wear for a bit of color when it is frigid but it isn’t quite work appropriate. Houndstooth coats offer a great option for a statement coat that is effortlessly chic just in its’ pattern.  Here are this look are three great examples from Gwyneth, Kim, and Gwen: 


Almost two years ago I posted about Houndstooth Accessories, from home good and tech finds to a handful of cute shoes in this black and white pattern.  One of my favorite prints and one of the perfect patterns as we head into winter full steam ahead.  Here are six cute options: 

Sparkles and Shoes Houndstooth Coat Options

One / Fay Houndstooth Loose Fit Jacket 

Two / Marco Bologna Zipped Houndstooth Coat

Three / Darling Karmen Houndstooth Coat 

Four / Black & White Houndstooth Overlarge Coat

Five / Asos Just Female Houndstooth Coat

Six / West Coast Wardrobe Check It Out Houndstooth Coat in Black 


Still don’t believe me?  Two of my Style Icons, Courtney Kerr of What Courtney Wore and Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper killed it in beautiful houndstooth numbers on their blogs earlier this month. 

Fashion Bloggers Houndstooth Coats - Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper and Courtney Kerr of What Courtney Wore

 What do you think of Houndstooth coats?