Black and White Striped Peplum

Black and White Striped Peplum

I have to admit, I made a promise I did not keep. I promised that I would post outfit photos every Friday and I have fallen shortly recently. However, to finish up the month, here is one of my favorite outfits that has been in frequent rotation – I love this striped peplum top that I picked up at the C. Wonder sample sale two weeks ago.  While black and white, especially with stripes can look a bit like a prison jump suit this top avoids the stigma with lines going in every direction. Happy Halloween by the way! ! 

Black and White 03Black and White 04 Black and White 02Black and White 05Black and White 07
Paired with boots instead of patent pumps this striped peplum look will definitely be one that carries me through winter! 

Happy Halloween and make sure to stay tuned on Instagram for my costumes both tonight and tomorrow night! 

My Mink Lashes

Sparkles and Shoes Mink Lashes

After attending She Winks opening event they invited me back to their Midtown Manhattan store to get a set of mink lashes.  I was cautiously optimistic as I had had false lashes applied once before and it was a horrible experience. Thinking back on it it - false lashes are one of those things you really should not go with the budget option on. Also, when they apply one lash to one lash it is much better than clumps when the salon applies ten clumps per eye.  

Sitting under a wonderful cozy blanket with my legs propped up I did not notice that over an hour passed last week when I visited SheWinks after work. I asked the technician once she was done how many lashes I had and while she told me she did not count, she guessed around 60 per eye – does this look like 120 false lashes to you?  It doesn’t to me but I could not be more pleased with how they look! 

The following are a mix of photos from the launch party, Alyssa’s Instagram, and my photos from our visit last week: 

She Winks Lash StudioShe WInks Lash Studio 03She WInks Lash Studio ApplicationShe WInks Lash Studio - Mink LashesShe WInks Lash Studio Launch PartyShe WInks Lash Studio 04She WInks Lash Studio 02She WInks Lash Studio Candy BarShe WInks Lash Studio 05Cake Pop from the She Winks Lash Studio Launch PartyShe WInks Lash Studio 01

A very zoomed in before and after shot: 

Sparkles and Shoes - Before and More Mink Lashes

I waited a full week after getting these mink lashes before I wrote a blog post because I wanted to make sure they were still as great 7 days later then they were after 7 minutes.  The verdict: they are great.  I must admit, it is a little bit of a problem – I keep taking selfies because they look so good! 

Sparkles and Shoes Mink Lashes


Have you ever had eyelash extensions? 

Short Rain Boots

short rain boots

One of my favorite  things about Wellies is that when paired with a large golf umbrella whatever you are wearing WILL stay dry but sometimes they are a bit much.  I have heard good things about packable Hunters but instead of folding your big boots why not get a pair of short rain boots for when sprinkles are on the horizon? 

I really do my love my Joules Rain boots but there is a time and a place where they really just do not work.  Therefore I have had my eye on a few short rain boots but to be fair, U have picked 10 pairs that I think are a great alternative to their tall counterparts: 

Sparkles and Shoes - Short Ran Boots 

One //Burberry Glossed-Rubber Rain Boots

Two //Loeffler Randall Women’s Fenton Rain Boot

Three // Tretorn Elsa – Florence Broadhurst

Four // Washington Shoe Company Women’s Premier Short Rain Boots in Red

Five //Mel by Melissa ‘Goji Berry’ Short Rain Boot

Six// Vivienne Westwood by Melissa Women’s Riding Rain Shoe

Seven // JustFab Women’s Society Cropped

Eight // Aigle Jodhpur Rubber Boot

Nine //Burberry Check Short Rain Boots

Ten // Jimmy Choo Jai PVC Short Rain Boot in Black


I am in love with quite a few options above – what do you think of short rain boots?   

Spicy Lemonade

Homemade Spicy Lemonade

As my mom reminded me this weekend, Diet Coke is not great for you.  While that is very true, I need at least one to make it a productive work day, however, I have been trying to change out my afternoon DC to a spicy lemonade.  This spicy lemonade is a homemade / DIY hack of my favorite BluePrint drink - the same taste but nowhere near $10 for a single serving drink. One of my favorites bloggers, Kathleen of Carrie Bradshaw Lied, did a whole post about her at-home version of the full three day cleanse and I took her spicy lemonade and added my own twist.    

While my experience with the BluePrint cleanse was not great – and I have tried it twice – this one juice was my favorite and very palatable.  However, if you drink it on a daily basis the calories do add up so I have switched out the traditional agave with Skinny Girl agave liquid sweetener for a great no-calorie option.  When mixed with the traditional cayenne pepper and 100% lemon juice into purified water it makes for a great, calorie-free spicy lemonade: 

Homemade Spicy Lemonade Ingredients


Calorie Free Spicy Lemonade
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  1. 16 oz. water
  2. 2 tbs. lemon juice
  3. 3 squirts of Skinny Girl Agave (or 1 tbs of pure agave)
  4. A dash of cayenne pepper
  1. Shake or stir vigorously
  2. Enjoy!
Sparkles and Shoes
Homemade Spicy Lemonade 03Homemade Spicy Lemonade 02

Have you tried spicy lemonade? 

Best Chambray Looks

Kelly Sparkles and Shoes Chambray Shirt

As we head into fall chambray is back with a vengeance and I have finally made the plunge and purchased a chambray shirt.  I love how it looks on others, especially one very chic girl in my office, but I decided not to break the bank and found this really cute light chambray option from Old Navy for under $25.  So far I have only styled it with dark jeans, like my denim on denim post, but I know the possibilities are limitless.  Here are some chambray looks I currently love and plan to emulate soon: 

Mari of Street Chic Style

Mari of Street Chic Style

Alexandra Grant of To Vogue or Bust

Alexandra Grant of To Vogue or Bust

Krystin of Girl in Betsey

Krystin of Girl in Betsey 


Reese Witherspoon 

Amanda Latifi of Unicorn Stylings

Amanda Latifi of Unicorn Stylings

Jess of Here and Now

Jess of Here and Now

Mary Katherine of Gold-Hatted Lover

Mary Katherine of Gold-Hatted Lover

Molly of Sill Being Molly

Molly of Still Being Molly

 Maya of Charmingly Styled

 Maya of Charmingly Styled

Megan of For All Things Lovely

Megan of For All Things Lovely 


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Christina Storm of The Style Storm

Christina Storm of The Style Storm 

Jessica Sturdy of Bows and Sequins

Jessica of Bows and Sequins

Psyche Southwell of Style Economy Psyche Southwell of Style Economy

Vanessa of Stylish Me

Vanessa of Stylish Me  

If you have not made the chambray plunge yet, I highly recommend you do and I am jealous, I paid full price for my shirt at Old Navy but now they are all on clearance for only $12!

 Old Navy Womens Classic Chambray Shirts

Light Chambray / Mid Tone Chambray / Dark Chambray


As the weather continues to get colder I think my new shirt will be a great layering piece!
Yay for chambray and I hope everyone has a great week!