Labor Day at the Lake

Two days of my Labor Day Weekend were spent with family at Lake Sunapee.  I have so many fond memories of this New Hampshire lake growing up and each time I come back I appreciate its beauty even more, especially the lighthouses. The ten mile lake has five lighthouses, three of which are on the National register. Growing up I always remember being told that they were only lighthouses on a lake East of the Mississippi but I have not been able to verify that.  If you want to know more I won’t bore you but Wikipedia has you covered.  

At the lake this weekend I was planning to cross the “re-learn how to waterski” item off my 101 in 1001 list but the thought of jeopardizing my knee was not too alluring so yesterday I bought a Powerball ticket, as the New Hampshire jackpot is over $100 million, instead crossing off number 55 instead of 14! Rather than waterski I had a great time tubing and taking photos of my brother while he was water skiing!

Lake Sunapee Labor Day - Dock PhotoLake Sunapee Labor Day - Boat Lake Sunapee Labor Day - Burkehaven LighthouseLake Sunapee Labor Day - Kevin Waterski 2Lake Sunapee Labor Day - Kevin WaterskiLake Sunapee Labor Day - Loon LighthouseLake Sunapee Labor Day - Tubing 1Lake Sunapee Labor Day - Tubing 2Lake Sunapee Labor DayLake Sunapee Labor Day - Fire in the Hole SunapeeLake-Sunapee-Labor-Day-Dress-Photo

These photos to do not include any mention or glimmer into the wonderful 80th Birthday we had a for my grandfather, pictures of that will come later this week! 

How did you spend Labor Day? 

Pet Peeves 3.0

There is one thing that I have seen happen twice in the last week that has put me over the edge- enough to write another one of these posts  

Pet Peeves Tweet

Cars, bikes, and pedestrians who do not immediately move for emergency vehicles.  Really people?  You are perfectly healthy and going along your merry way – get the heck out of the road for ambulances and fire trucks. The extra 30 seconds is not going to make a big difference in your life but it might for someone else.  When emergency vehicles have their sirens on, are emitting defining noises, and the driver is aggressively honking, they are not trying to cut the New York City traffic – they need to go save people.  Get the hell out of their way.

This is the third installment of my pet peeves series. It was not meant to be a series when I first posted in April 2013 in conjunction with my friend Kathryn
and the second was as a result of that post with a bunch of my readers top pet peeves. Over the last year I have collected a few more:

       When escalator arms move faster than the stairs

       Expired suntan lotion

       Movies that don’t live up to the raves and reviews

       Expensive expired vegetables

       People who put their bags next to them on the seat of a crowded subway car

       People who say “I won’t bite” “I could just eat you.” and “Nom.”

       Emails with “John Smith requested a read receipt for the message ‘Pocahontas’

        And really anything from the Shit Nobody Says Twitter reworded: 

Shit Nobody Says Twitter - Pet Peeve Tweets 

And that is all from me until after Labor Day as I will be celebrating my grandfather’s 80th birthday with a family reunion and am going to unplug to truly enjoy this time with my family!  This weekend I will be here: 

Lake on Gile Pond

Doing a lot of this: 

Tubing Lake Sunapee

Happy Labor Day !


Outfit Repeats: We Really Love Our ….

Before I started full outfits posts I created a little series call I really love my… where I covered six of my favorite wardrobe pieces over six posts, the last of which was in January.  This series including my black and white paisley dress, my teal North Face rain jacket,  my gold monogram necklace, my silver leaf earrings (which I actually wore yesterday), my favorite pink silk top, and my tan ostrich bag

Sparkles and Shoes - Outfit Repeats - I-Really-Love-My
 There are many more staples in my closet that could have been featured in their own post but now that I am not in college anymore weekly pictures of my in my “everyday” clothes just do not exist.   It does make me feel good though that I am not the only one this applies to.  People Magazine has a great constantly-updating gallery of celebs who are guilty of at least a three-peat.  Before my favorites, however, let me just say “guilty” may not be the right word.  If you spent money on a piece you love, and in many cases a lot of money, then it should be on frequent rotation!  

They Really Love Their - Emmy Rossum - Reese + Riley Blazer

Emmy Rossum – Reese + Riley Blazer (here)

They Really Love Their - Gwen Stefani  -  L.A.M.B. Fiona Open Toe Braided Strap Heel

Gwen Stefani  -  L.A.M.B. Fiona Open Toe Braided Strap Heel (here)

They Really Love Their - Jessica Alba - Saint Laurent Babycat Clutch
Jessica Alba – Saint Laurent Babycat Clutch  (here)

They Really Love Their - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Embroidered Tote

 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – Dolce & Gabbana ‘Sicily’ Embroidered Tote (here)

They Really Love Their - Kate Mara - JAacquie Aiche Ruby Teardrop Ear Cuff

Kate Mara - JAacquie Aiche Ruby Teardrop Ear Cuff (here)

They Really Love Their - Taylor Swift - Tods Sella Tote

Taylor Swift - Tod’s ‘Sella’ Tote (here

They Really Love Their - Kaley Cuoco - Love Always Custom Nameplate Necklace

Kaley Cuoco – Love Always Custom Nameplate Necklace (here)

They Really Love Their - Vanessa Hudgens - Oroton Alpine Chain Tote
Vanessa Hudgens – Oroton Alpine Chain Tote (here)

They Really Love Their - Cameron Diaz - Larissa Ring Gold Turquoise White CZ

Cameron Diaz – Larissa Ring Gold Turquoise White CZ (here)

Do you have any item in your closet you wear on repeat
or that is on frequent rotation in your closet? 

Breathe and Let Go

Today marks one month until my birthday and as I turn another year older I have set a goal for my 24th year on the planet, to put things in perspective.   The Florkens post yesterday about this same topic really hit the nail on the head and they beat me to the punch but why not say it again?

Recently I came across this image from American Express and what I am sure is the same clever team who came up with the First Three Words image I shared in June.  Now that I have one month until I turn a non-exciting number but many of the small but meaningful items on this list stuck with me.  My goal in the next month is to see how many of these things I can let go of: 

American Express - 35 Things to Let Go of Before Your Next Birthday

Can I do all of these things in the next month?  No, but I think it is a really good list, especially because half of these I would have never thought of but I completely agree with.  The three I am going to start with are letting go of the fantasy of perfection, excessive worrying, and thinking that there is a perfect time.  I am working with an Etsy shop owner for the latest addition to my gallery wall that reads, “If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it.” I think it is a good place to start! 

If you had to pick three, which would you choose? 

My Weekend in Washington

This weekend was amazing.  When I wrote about it on Friday I was afraid I hyped it up too much and it was going to be a let-down, boy was I wrong! My thirty-six hours in D.C. were non-stop and unbelievably fun.  Commence the photo dump of my weekend in Washington: 

My early morning Saturday Amtrak down to Washington was relaxing and wonderful, as always, and I arrived three minutes early and had an hour to explore before I met up with friends.  Even though I lived in D.C. for four years I still love doing touristy things so I took a swing by the Treasury, Lafayette Park, and the White House after checking into the hotel and before I headed off to brunch. 

Washington DC Weekend - Grant Hyatt FlagWashington DC Weekend - Maxi SelfieWashington DC Weekend - The TreasuryWeekend in Washington - White House

After exploring I jumped on the subway Metro to head to U Street, an area of town I never went to while at Georgetown.  The afternoon get-together with the bride and groom from the Fake Wedding at Vinoteca Wine Bar and Bistro was great and unexpected friends joined the party. I had not seen Kathryn since we graduated college and it was great to catch up! 

Washington DC Weekend - Isabell Berg Kelly PrattWashington DC Weekend - Brunch at VinotecaWashington DC Weekend - Group Shot at Vinoteca

Sometimes unplanned events are the best – after brunch we headed to a bar called Boadroom which, revolutionary I know, has board games.  With five people which became ten which became 12 the only suitable game was Cards Against Humanity.  The crude game reminded me just how much I loved the people I was with and why we were friends. 

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