Five on Friday

Happy  Friday!  There have been very few weeks this summer where I have been this excited that it is Friday.  I am sure two weeks from now will top it when I board the plane to head to Hungary but for right now, TGIF. The past few days has been filled with a ton of ups and lots of downs, but thankfully more positives than negatives. Here are five things that made me happy this week: 

Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream Icing

one. I firmly believe a bad day can be turned upside down by a cupcake. Especially one from Magnolia.

First Outfit Post 01

two. I came across this photo is from my first ever blog photo shoot in Washington, D.C. and it inspired me to try on the dress – and  it fit!  +1 to my fitness goals.   I just booked my tickets for Georgetown Homecoming on Columbus Day weekend and will definitely bribe one of my friends with a drink to take outfit pictures in this same spot – on the waterfront boardwalk in front of Sequioa at sunset. 

ROUDELAIN Vintage Wash Chambray Capri and V-Neck Tee at Lord and Taylor

these. The softest pajamas ever!  My new friends at Roudelain were kind enough to send over two pieces from their vintage wash collection in their chambray color.  These capri pants and v-neck tee are available at Lord and Taylor are just so, so soft! 

Kate Spade Store 5th Avenue

four. My office is only one block from the Kate Spade on 5th Avenue and I am proud of myself for walking by so often without going in.  The adorable storefront beckons my name every time though and these girls with truffle heads in the windows are just too funny!

DSW It's Your Birthday

five. Birthday mail!  My birthday is still a few weeks off but I guess since we are inside of a month the countdown can begin.  

I hope you all had a great week, full of more ups than downs. I am off to go wine tasting tomorrow with Gilt City and I am tremendously excited, make sure you are following along on social for the journey! 

Would You Trash the Dress?

Riviera Maya Trash the Dress

As someone who loves weddings I  am fascinated with the launches of new bridal lines, engagement ring trends, color combinations, cake designs, and the hundreds of other details that go into the biggest day of people’s lives.  My wedding Pinterest board has over 670 photos and it only keeps growing.  However, one odd trend that keeps popping up is trash the dress. 

I first learned about the trash the dress idea when my handy USA Today news alerts shared the story of Shelby Swink and their article, “Dumped bride makes splash with ‘trash the dress”.  For her situation the paintball pictures were great way to cope and it got me thinking, do brides who actually go through with their weddings still trash the dress?  The answer is an overwhelming yes.  While some photographers offer trash the dress services in pools most brides seem to go swimming in the ocean or play in paint. Here is are a collection of some unique trash the dress shots.  

Trash the Dress Blue Paint Riviera Maya Trash the DressTrash the Dress Green PaintTrash the Dress - Couple UnderwaterTrash the Dress Pink PaintTrash the Dress Underwater ShotTrash the Dress MudTrash the Dress OceanTrash the Dress Jennie Andrews Photography

Images:  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8  | 9 | 10

This trend to me just seems a bit odd but I do have to say one thing, if you are going to trash the dress, trash you real dress, not a second you bought for photos or because it “sparkles under water”. Go big or go home.  And to answer the question, no, I would not trash the dress, I would frame it

Would you trash the dress?

Changes to New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week will be back in the city in less than a month and a few things will be different this time around. First, for the inaugural season in years it will not be Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, they backed out after February’s shows.  Two,  I will not be attending a single show. Yes, you read that correctly, I will not go to a single runway show, presentation, or event as I will be gallivanting around Europe. And lastly, there have been a ton of changes in the Council of Fashion Designers of America including dozens of new members. 

“The 40 new members – the highest number joining the organization in its history — add to the diversity of the CFDA community,” the newly elected CDFA President and CEO Steven Kolb said. “They include designers of jewelry, eyewear, swimwear, lingerie and millinery, as well as talent from Los Angeles, Kansas City, Miami and Austin.”  And no one is surprised that the CFDA Board of Directors unanimously voted to make Diane von Furstenberg Chairman of the CFDA, rightly so.

Of the new designers the vast majority of the names, besides Kendra Scott, were new to me but then when you start listing the houses they design for, the Camuto Group, Cosabella, Tiffany & Co, and Tome, bells started ringing. These are few of my favorite pieces from a handful of the newly elected members: 

Sparkles and Shoes - August 2015 Wishlist from the New CFDA Members

 Edie Parker Jean Solid Gold Confetti Womens Clutch  | Tiffany & Co. Victoria Square Sunglasses

Kendra Scott Francie Earrings in Pink Agate | Mansur Gavriel Blu Bucket Bag Calf Coated

Rosie Assoulin ‘La Scarpa’ Cutout Stripe Organza Gown

RAUWOLF Castellum Minaudière | John Brevard Tetra Full Pave Diamond Gold Ring

Catbird Serena the Swan Heirloom Ring in Rose Gold

VC Signature Yulia Fringe Bootie |Paul Andrew Chrysler Zenadia Pump

 These ten pieces are from designers  in the 40 new CFDA members which you can find here. And if you needed another plot twist to Fashion Week next month this People Magazine headline certainly grabbed my attention, “Lauren Conrad and The Fat Jewish Will Both Show Clothing Lines at New York Fashion Week in September”. Based on the items I have seen LC turn out in her Kohl’s line the collection should be cute!

Which of these items is your favorite? 

What You Should Watch Next

Fall TV is still a month off and if you are like me, your Hulu Plus queue is finally empty and the amount of movies you want to see at Redbox is dwindling quickly.  By this point in the summer I am almost always looking for what to watch next. You might remember that two years ago I cut the cord and do not have cable so this time of year I turn to Netflix.

What to Watch on Netflix - Gilmore Girls

Having been a Netflix fan for years I watch as ton of content – mainly TV shows as I always needed to put something on that I only need to half pay attention to while I respond to emails, research ideas, draft posts, and read other blogs. I have amassed quite a list of series I would recommend to binge watch.  They include:  

  • Friends
  • Scandal
  • Gilmore Girls 
  • Blacklist 
  • White Collar 
  • House of Cards
  • Orange is the New Black (if you like that)
  • House M.D.
  • Grey’s Anatomy (one of my favorites)
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Restaurant Impossible 

After you are done with these rom-com or classic shows and are in the mood to a learn a few things from your television there are a four documentaries I recommend. True, there are probably dozens more that should be on this list but as documentaries demand a ton of attention (read: I can not blog while watching them) the list is short.  Please let me know if you have any must-watches to add to this list: 

  • Blackfish 
  • Planet Earth 
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  • Psalm

If movies are more your thing Netflix has a five current movies that I would add to your list: 

  • The Butler 
  • Hitch 
  • Chef
  • The Prince & Me 
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (especially after seeing the exhibit

And finally, any Netflix must-watch list would be remiss without mentioning a handful of the great classics that everyone should see. Or, if you are like me, 20 times if the movie is Top Gun or Dirty Dancing: 

  • Titanic
  • Cast Away
  • Dirty Dancing 
  • Top Gun
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Legally Blonde
  • Grease
  • Say Anything 

If you are going to stream from Hulu, download rentals from the App Store or Play store, stop by Redbox, and or even check out movies from the library here a few of my favorites you can not go wrong with; The Holiday, Love Actually, Sound of Music, Blind Side, Bridget Jones’ Diary or the Italian Job. 

What is your top Netflix pick?