Memorial Day in Park City

A few of my friends thought I was a little bit silly to fly to Utah and not take a single day off of work. However, I was able to fit so much in the three days over memorial day weekend it seemed like a whole week. The highlight of Saturday was visiting the Payson Utah Temple and Sunday was having brunch at the Sundance Resort, this is how I spent Monday.

I love children and have always loved children but living in New York city I have very few chances to babysit or even be around small children. This weekend reminded me the joy the children bring to the small and unexpected things. If you’re not tired of hearing of her by now you might be by the end of this post. Monday morning Lily and I sat on a blanket in her backyard and played with bubbles. True that the container of the bubbles might have been more interesting and more fun to chew one than the actual bubbles but nonetheless we had a great time.

Memorial Day Bubbles in UtahOrem Utah

After a late breakfast we headed up to Park city, picked up two of the six-year-old’s friends, and headed to Park City Mountain Resort.  The drive took us through canyons and past a massive reservoir, everywhere I look was like this.

Provo Canyon

When we got to Park City and headed up to the mountain I was blown away. The last time I had been to the mountain I was 11 years old and was there to ski. The mountain was almost unrecognizable when it was not covered in snow but I had a great time taking all of the kids on two of the most famous summer. 

Park City Mountain Resort 12Park City Mountain Resort 6Park City Mountain Resort Legacy Lodge

We bought a combo pack and were able to do the two post popular summer activities – the alpine slide and the alpine coaster.  To ride the alpine slide we took the chairlift up the mountain where we picked up a little yellow carts and I raced the boys down 3,000+ feet of luge track. 

Park City Mountain Resort Alpine Slide Tickets Park City Mountain Resort Alpine Slide Park City Mountain Resort Alpine SlidePark City Mountain Resort Alpine Slide Park City Mountain Resort Alpine Slide

The second ride of our double play combo pack was the alpine coaster and as Christopher is not over 54″ tall he had to ride with me. I must say, I had twice as must fun speeding down the 4,000 feet  of curves, bends and loops with a six year old screaming with joy. 

Park City Mountain Resort Alpine Coaster Tickets Park City Mountain Resort Alpine CoasterPark City Mountain Resort Alpine CoasterPark City Mountain Resort Alpine Coaster TracksPark City Mountain Resort Alpine Coaster

Afterwards we explored a bit before heading to the home of my friend’s coworker to celebrate Memorial Day with a traditional cookout.  I may have become a bit too engrossed in the delicious cheese platter, hotdogs, baked beans, and fresh watermelon and I realize I now I forgot to take any photos except these two of my beverages, a phenomenal Moscow mule and a great glass of chardonnay, offset by the stunning mountain backdrop.  I do believe those kind of  memories are the best, the ones you are having too much fun living to think about taking photos. 

Park City Memorial Day 01Park City Memorial Day 01

All too soon it was over though and we left Park City and headed the 45-minutes to the Salt Lake airport so I could catch my red eye back.  And I love that even this iPhone photo does justice to the gorgeous snow capped mountains that are already begging me to come back! 

Park City Utah

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Sunday at Sundance

Sundance Mountain Resort Entry Kelly

Sunday I had one of the best brunches ever at the Sundance Mountain Resort. My friends live only 20 minutes from the beautiful resort, yes, that same Sundance that has the movie festival. They only go to brunch there for special events, like Mother’s Day, but my visit was considered special and I am so glad it was!  The all inclusive brunch had too many delicious items to count but my favorites had to be the cedar wood salmon, butterscotch butter, and double chocolate tartelettes. 

Sundance Mountain Resort - The Foundry Grill BrunchSundance Mountain Resort - The Foundry Grill Brunch - Double Chocolate TartelettesSundance Mountain Resort - Blankets at the Gift StoreSundance Mountain Resort - Postcards at the Gift Store

After brunch we went for a long stroll around the property and I could not stop taking pictures, it was all so beautiful! And I also found it interesting that despite hosting a major film festival every year, most of the films are shown in the nearby town of Park City because there is only one screening room at the Sundance Mountain Resort, apply named after Robert Redford.

Welcome to Sundance Private PropertySundance Mountain Resort 01Sundance Mountain Resort - Sign Post Screening RoomSundance Mountain Resort Provo RiverSundance Mountain Resort Private FunctionSundance Mountain Resort Kortney and Kelly

I took over 100 family photos of my friend, her husband, and their two adorable children and I will not burden you all with them here but here are three of my favorites. 

Sundance Mountain Resort Christopher and LilySundance Mountain Resort - LilySundance Mountain Resort Family Photo

Something I did not expect, when there is no snow the resort is very popular with mountain bikers, they ride the chairlift up with the bikes and then head down! 

Sundance Mountain Resort - Please Walk Your Bike SignSundance Mountain Resort - Mountain BikersSundance Mountain Resort Chairlift

 On the way back from Sundance we drove by the Bridal Veil Falls in Provo, Utah which is even as prettier in the Spring as it is covered in ice!  

Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Utah
After brunch the boys went golfing and the girls headed to the outlet malls.  Along with my usual favorites; J. Crew, Banana Republic, Polo Ralph Lauren, Loft, and Nike, they had a few stores I had not heard of including Wilson’s Leather where I picked up two amazing jackets. 

Outlets at Traverse Mountain in Lehi UtahWilsons Leather Outlet at Outlets at Traverse Mountain

And I know you saw her yesterday but I have to share a bit more, Lily is just the cutest and the best shopping buddy. And if you did not see yesterday’s post, she really does love chewing on my bracelets. 

Kelly and Lily

Once we shopped til we dropped (or a 20-pound baby became really heavy) we had a wonderful home cooked dinner and went wild crazy on a Sunday night in Utah…. by going to the movies and seeing Pitch Perfect 2. 

Pitch Perfect 2 and Sour Punch Straws

My second day in Utah was as memorable as the first!

Stay tuned for my recap of Park City tomorrow! 

Touring a Mormon Temple

I spent the holiday weekend in Utah and while the red-eye back to New York City yesterday morning was rough I am so glad I got to spend three days with amazing people in such a beautiful place. I visited one of my best friends from college, her husband, and their two adorable children and I am so glad I decided to fly out and I am still impressed with how much we squeezed into those 72-hours.  So much so, the trip will be getting three separate posts, one for each day. 

The highlight of Saturday was definitely having the opportunity to tour the Payson Utah Temple on the last day of the open house.  It was an opportunity to learn more about my friend’s Mormon faith and a rare occurrence, even if you are a member. After arriving late Friday they graciously let me sleep in after picking me up from the airport.   In this three-day weekend recap there will be a ton of photos of Lily – she is 10 months old and just about the cutest thing ever. Here is proof: 

Memorial Day in Utah 01 Memorial Day in Utah 02

Saturday morning we went to downtown Provo for a delicious breakfast. I loved the small town feel when we walked into Communal and the staff knew my friends. Honestly every single item on their Saturday brunch menu looked to-die-for but at the suggestion of my hosts I went for the  pancetta hash with poached egg, spring vegetables, and horseradish cream. Yum! I enjoyed the dish along with copious amounts of their Charming Beard coffee and I could not have asked for a better welcome brunch, especially with the brûléed grapefruit we got for the table. 

Memorial Day in Utah - Communal Restaurant Charming Beard Coffee Memorial Day in Utah - Communal Restaurant Charming Beard Coffee

From there my friend Kortney and I got pedicures and were really able to catch up on everything that has been happening in our busy, busy lives.  Afterwards I truly got to have a once in a lifetime opportunity, I went in a Mormon temple as someone who is not part of the faith.   Saturday was the last day of the open house of the Payson Utah Temple, only a thirty minute drive from where my friends live, and it was open to the public as they had just finished building it but had not yet dedicated it. Usually you can not go in the temple unless you are an endowed member of the church and are there to perform different ordinances (similar to sacraments). Basically I would never be allowed in unless I became LDS. 

Payson Utah LDS Mormon TemplePayson Utah LDS Mormon Temple 05Payson Utah LDS Mormon Temple 06Payson Utah LDS Mormon Temple 03

It was absolutely breathtaking and I swished around all the floors in the little booties they gave me to cover my Jack Rogers.  You can not take any pictures inside but please believe me when I say that it is absolutely stunning, especially the celestial room. This room with thirty foot ceilings, gorgeous glass chandeliers, and plush couches is where people sit after they have just been married to be quiet and reflect.  It is modeled to depict the beauty of heaven and every temple has one. I think I learned more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) on Saturday than I had in the seven years I have been friends with Kortney. A very unique experience I will not soon forget! 

Payson Utah LDS Mormon Temple Open HousePayson Utah LDS Mormon Temple Angel MoroniPayson Utah LDS Mormon Temple 04Payson Utah LDS Mormon Temple 01Payson Utah LDS Mormon Temple 03Payson Utah LDS Mormon Temple - Angel Moroni

We ended the day at a Mexican restaurant called Maria Bonita where they may not serve alcohol but the food certainly is super sized. I had a massive mug of Diet Pepsi (no Coca-Cola and no margs) to go with my Taco Vallarta Salad,  ground chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, beans and served in a crispy tortilla bowl.  I ate only a small portion and could have easily shared with a few friends. ¡Muy delicioso!

Memorial Day in Utah - Taco Vallarta Salad at Maria Bonita

Oh, and did you know that David Yurman cable bracelets are loved by teething babies?  

Me neither.  :)  

Memorial Day in Utah - 15david yurmna teething

Sunday we went to Sundance and Monday Park City, stay tuned tomorrow and Friday for those! 

My Job is Not Like Mad Men

After a funny chain email last week I realized it has been quite some time since I spoke about my real job on the blog.  As one reader found interesting last month when she stumbled across my Linkedin page, no, blogging is not my full time job.  If you need a refresher I still love this post I wrote last year about Why I Chose a Career in Advertising. The core tenants have remained the same but as my career has evolved so have a few of the details.

First off, I do digital advertising, so I do not make TV spots (commercials) and definitely do not create ads for tobacco companies in magazines.  However, with the popularity of the show  the question, “Is your job like Mad Men?” is one that I get very frequently.   One of the people I work with shared a link to the Mad Men Integrated Tumblr account and it is pure genius – Mad Men GiFS with text that applies to digital advertising.  And I love how Business Insider referred to it, “The Mad Men Integrated Tumblr is currently tickling the ad industry.” It is very true. 

Whether you are in the industry or not this is too funny not to share.  Here are some of my favorites (and going against best practices of Sparkles and Shoes, these GIFs are not 700 pixels wide because they were not create in that size) from the account with the preface that a few are only funny if you work in advertising but the majority should provide a chuckle irrespective of your background: 


I actually stopped watching Mad Men after the second season and I can not remember the reason. However, after all of the great buzz I am hearing about Season I might have to add it to my list of shows to binge watch when the entire thing hits Netflix.  

And because I am always curious, what kind of work do you do?